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Conservatories and Luxury Vinyl Tiles

This article provides an introduction to conservatories and luxury vinyl tiles.
Conservatories are a popular addition to any home because they provide a wonderful link between the excitement of the outside and the tranquility of the inside. However, the frequent exposure to high temperatures, moisture variations, increased foot traffic, and increased filth can make floor maintenance challenging in conservatories. Fortunately, the invention of luxury vinyl tiles (LVT flooring) provided a solution! LVT can withstand high temperatures and moisture fluctuations, and it is durable and easy to maintain. This post will explain why vinyl flooring is one of the best options for your conservatory.

The benefits of using luxury vinyl tiles for conservatories are numerous.
1. Durability: Homeowners frequently use conservatories in various areas. Furthermore, the frequent exposure to additional filth can accelerate the floor’s deterioration. Fortunately, luxury vinyl tiles are extremely durable, thanks to a top coating that protects the tile from wear, making them an excellent choice for conservatories.
2. Moisture Resistance: Because conservatories are both indoors and outdoors, their humidity levels fluctuate. Some floors, such as wood and laminate, may suffer from these changes. However, because of their PVC core, luxury vinyl tiles do not suffer from these changes, making them a great alternative for conservatories.
3. Stability: Temperature is another issue that conservatories have with their floors. Conservatories are prone to significant temperature fluctuations. In the UK, a conservatory can range from extremely warm in the summer to extremely frigid in the winter. Luxury vinyl is the best choice for dealing with high temperature changes because it is a very stable floor, meaning it expands and contracts less than other hard floors.
4. Comfort: Hard floors, such as ceramic or porcelain tiles, are ideal for conservatories since they are heat and moisture resistant. However, these tiles can feel harsh and cold underfoot. Luxury vinyl tiles, on the other hand, offer a softer and warmer feel underfoot, creating a cozier atmosphere in the area.
5. Ease of Maintenance: Children, dogs, and, let’s face it, even adults, bring dirt into a conservatory. It’s a given for a place that connects the indoors and the outside. Fortunately, a weekly sweep and mop can quickly transform muddy and dusty luxury vinyl tiles into sparkling and clean surfaces.
6. Design choices: People often overlook the wide variety of designs available for vinyl flooring. If you want your LVT to seem like wood, it is doable. If you want your floor to look like stone but without the cold feel underfoot, vinyl tiles can do that as well!

Conservatory Flooring Alternatives
If, for some reason, you do not want luxury vinyl flooring in your conservatory, let us look at your other possibilities.
• Carpet: not suitable because soft floors retain dirt and appear drab over time.
• Laminate looks nice, but fluctuations in temperature and moisture can cause warping and gapping.
• Real wood: similar to laminate, although to a lesser extent.
• Carpet tiles: similar to carpet, but to a lesser degree.
• Ceramic or porcelain tiles: a good choice, but costly and cold underfoot.
• Vinyl sheets are an excellent alternative to vinyl tiles!
When it comes to picking a top floor for your conservatory, premium vinyl is clearly the best option.

Considering and installing LVT in your conservatory is important.
• Sunlight: While everyone enjoys the sunshine, your luxury vinyl floor does not. While LVT has a UPVC top coat to help prevent fading, the sun will eventually win and ruin your tiles. To shield your floor from direct sunlight, try installing window tints or shades.
• Underfloor Heating: Now that you’ve learned about the dangers that temperature swings bring to your luxury vinyl tiles in terms of gapping and warping, you might want to consider installing underfloor heating in your conservatory to help keep the temperature consistent during the winter.
• Fans and windows: They regulate the temperature in the summer. Reducing the severe temperatures in your conservatory will extend the life of your LVT floor.
• Subfloor: Keep your conservatory’s subfloor clean, flat, and dry to ensure the longevity of your luxury vinyl tiles. Consider placing an underlay to help protect and maintain your new flooring.

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